Meet Our Veterinarian

Dr. Gail

Dr. Gail Mendenhall, DVM

Hi! I'm Dr. Gail Mendenhall, RVT, BS, DVM and a graduate of Purdue University. Veterinary medicine is a family business for me, as I grew up into it as a young girl; studying animals, their behaviors, and medicine the majority of my life. I have shown horses in high levels of competition mostly through the midwest, Georgia, and Florida as well asdogs both in obedience and conformation. I've raised and bred Dachshunds for many years, and also cockatiels, as well as owned various breeds of dogs, exotic and domestic cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and even a rabbit. During my professional life I have been a Veterinary Technician; a pet groomer of dogs, cats, and horses; and worked for Pet/Ag division of Borden/Con Agra between Undergraduate and Veterinary Medical School.

Extra Activities:
Ride a motorcycle.
Play various musical instruments - violin, piano, mandolin, and saxophone. My favorite is the violin.
I like to crochet, knit, and read. I don't watch much television.

My Animal Children:
Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix (Pogo)

Australian Shepherd (Skye)

2 domestic cats - Manx (Nyanko) & Tuxedo (Kovu)
2 parrots (Beepers & Lilly)

1 Arabian horse - (Dakota)

1 Bearded Dragon (Raichu)